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 Tutorial HeadShot

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PostSubject: Tutorial HeadShot   Sat Jul 12, 2008 3:02 am

TutoriaL HeaDShoT Raspunde cu citat (quote)
Doriti sa se scrie un mesaj fain cand dati headshot?Asa se procedeaza:
In addons/statsme/scripts trebuie sa aveti o fisa pe nume "headshot"
Care Ar trebuii sa contina : // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// StatsMe 2.8.3 Config Pack [16 June, 2004]
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// This file is part of StatsMe (See README for more information).
// Copyright 2002 - 2004 UnitedAdmins (
// Project originally created by OLO (
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Please read the manual and the forums carefully before altering this file!
// The Manual is located at
// The Forum can be found at
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Headshot announcement sm_mode set d alias set_hs "sm_sayformat 0 100
200 -1 0.25 0 6 6 0.5 0.5 2" //Headshot sm_menu "Headshot
announce\\y\\R{sm_mode&d?ON:OFF}" "sm_mode
{sm_mode&d?remove:set} d" // Headshot sm_do "{#.txths0={}
killed {} with a well\\nplaced shot to the head!}"
sm_do "{#.txths1={} removed\\n{}'s head with the {V4}}"
sm_do "{#.txths2={} turned {}'s head into\\npudding with the {V4}}"
sm_do "{#.txths3={} got pwned by {}}"
sm_do "{#.txths4={}'s head has been turned\\ninto red jello}"
sm_do "{#.txths5={} has superb aim with the {V4},\\nas {} well knows.}"
sm_do "{#.txths6={}'s head stayed in {}'s\\ncrosshairs a bit too long...}"
sm_do "{#.txths7={} says 'All your headshot are belong to us!'\\nto {}}"
sm_do "{#.txths8={} was BURNINATED by Trogdor--\\n er... by{}!!}"
sm_do "{#.txths9=Headshot! For good .. and for AWESOME!}"
sm_do "{#.txths10={} Will now be shipped off to the planet HoL}"
sm_do "{#.txths11={} Gave {} A One-Way-Ticket to the \\nHuman Occupied Landfill}"
sm_reg "SM_DeathMsg d" "sm_clexec * \'spk misc/headshot\';set_hs;sm_tell * \'{#.txths{R.11}}\'" ade "3=1" "5=0"
mai sus trebuie editate pentru noul mesaj:) ATENTIE>>>>daca
nu exista in addons/statsme in fisa "statsme"
Aicia unde sunt si celelalte
// Load statsme scripts
// Don't comment these lines to disable scripts, use statsme_menu instead exec addons/statsme/scripts/avlist.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scripts/bombc.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scripts/endround.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scripts/firstblood.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scripts/gresuc.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scripts/headshot.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scripts/kill.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scripts/knifekill.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scripts/lastman.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scripts/playername.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scripts/roundcount.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scripts/specinfo.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/admin.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/afk.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/hpingkick.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/redirect.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/hostage/hospen.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/hostage/hossi.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mappack/italy.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mappack/mapcycle.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mappack/nextmap.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/autorr.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/awplimit.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/damage.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/greet.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/snapshot.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/timeinfo.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/tmlf.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/vip.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mkpack/killingspree.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mkpack/multikill.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/forgivetk.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/kickdp.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/punishtk.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/tdwarn.cfg
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Tutorial HeadShot
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